Appliance Installations

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banner 3 If you’re looking to replace an old kitchen sink or are having trouble with your plumbing fixtures but have no experience or time, call your neighborhood Roto-Rooter plumber for quick and professional service.

Roto-Rooter’s Plumbing and Drain Service are trained and experienced professionals on all major brands of fixtures and appliances. From toilets to sinks and sump pumps, our professionals can install or change any fixture even if it has not been sold through Roto-Rooter. If it has a water connection, a Roto-Rooter licensed plumber can install it.

Our experienced plumbers are able to make any modifications necessary to ensure your new appliance or fixture will work with your already existing plumbing and sewer system. A Roto-Rooter professional is also available to evaluate and discuss wants or needs for any plumbing upgrade.

To learn more about how a Roto-Rooter professional can help you, click on the link above.