Basement Maintenance

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Catch basins are storm grates found along the side of the road and occasionally in backyards, parks and along rights-of-way. They allow storm water to enter the storm sewer system.

Two things can happen when storm sewer grates are clogged.

First, water can pool in the street to such a degree that it could reach the sanitary sewer manhole located in the middle of the road, filling the sanitary system, causing it to backup into homes.

Second, storm water could pool so much that it can flow into yards and enter homes through doors, windows and cracks in basement walls.

If catch basins become clogged with grass clippings, leaves, branches, garbage or other debris, homeowners should report it promptly to their local government. Better yet, homeowners may clear the catch basin grate themselves.

Help protect your home and neighbourhood from flooding.

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