Senior Living Modifications

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Assisted Living Facilities in Summit County OH –  Assisted Living in Akron Ohio

Are you a Senior Citizen? Do you have a senior citizen in your family?  Are you looking for services oriented toward the elderly in Summit County? 

One of the challenges  for the elderly in Summit County, is locating products and services that cater to the special needs of senior citizens.  Needs such as assisted living facilities, in-home care for those elderly residents who live alone;  or home modifications to allow the elderly to more easily and safely live independently.  Meal preparation or delivery;  transportation to and from a doctor’s appointment;  legal guidance for protecting and maintaining income.

Families who have elderly parents will also be looking for guidance for caring for their elderly loved ones.  The proper assisted living facility, for example;  is nursing care needed, either in-home, or is a dedicated nursing facility required?  Is special in-home medical equipment required, or special modifications to a kitchen or bathroom needed?  If the time has come to move your senior citizen into a facility, who can help with the packing and organizing of a lifetime of possessions and memories?

Welcome to the Summit Senior Services Network.

Assisted Living Facilities in Summit County OH –  Assisted Living in Akron Ohio

Our purpose is to develop, coordinate, support, and advocate for a community network of care for the elderly of Summit County.

Our members provide products and services specifically for the senior citizens in Akron, Barberton, Cuyahoga Falls, Fairlawn, Green, Hudson, Macedonia, Northfield, Stow, Tallmadge, Twinsburg, and all areas of Summit County, Ohio.

Over 100 members representing local companies that provide many of the services that senior citizens want and need. Such as:

Beauty and Salon Services
Computer Services
Emergency Response Services
External Defibulators
Financial Services
Grocery Services
Hearing Loss Services
Home & Personal Care Services
Home Modification
Housing:  Assisted and Independent Living
Legal Services
Massage Therapy Services
Meal Services
Medical Equipment
Nursing Facilities
Nursing Services
Packing and Organizational Services
Printing & Promotional Services
Pet Services
..and Many more.

Visit our Website at for a complete listing and description of services offered by our members.

More information about assisted living:

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Assisted Living Facilities in Summit County OH –  Assisted Living in Akron Ohio

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